What we have to offer you

How to access North West Psychology:

You can access North West Psychology directly, or with a referral through your General Practitioner.

Providing Support, Assessment and Treatment for:

Anxiety and/or Separation problems
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Life Transitions and Adjustment problems
Sleep disturbances
Pain and Injury Related Disorders
Management of Personality Disorders
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Grief or Bereavement
Self Esteem and/or Body Image problems
Work related problems and/or stress
Management of Eating Disorders

Offering Skills and Experience in the following:

Veteran counselling
Conflict Resolution
Evidence Based Treatment
Life Counselling
Biofeedback treatment programs and biofeedback device management
Medico Legal assessment reports
Victims Counselling
Workers Compensation Treatment Programs
Stress Management
Paediatric, Developmental, Neuropsychological, Disability, and Recruiting Assessment(s)

Other Services and Resources offered:

Information and referral service offered
Biofeedback Tools used and offered during therapy
Relaxation resources available on request
Depression buster and stress buster kits available on request (in development)

Fee($) structure:

A fee of $135 per hour ($115 with concession) applies for individual/couples counselling. Corporate rate as contracted for given services or current APS recommended fee @ $212 per hour.
We are a registered Medicare provider and Medicare rebates are available to individuals who have a Mental Health Care Plan (item 2715) from their GP.
North West Psychology is also a registered provider with most private health insurane funds.

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